Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why I Wear My Wedding Band

     I often wondered why some people just don’t wear their wedding ring/band, so I did some research on the web.  First thing I did was went to Google and typed in “why I wear my wedding ring,” and I was very surprised at what the Boolean search returned.  Instead of articles from people that make declarations of why they wear their wedding band/ring, instead the first page was mainly articles from people saying why they don’t wear theirs, or articles depicting answers from the people that don’t.  Scrolling down, and going to pages after I really didn't find an article from someone sharing their reason for wearing a ring.
     While I was reading the other articles, it seemed to me most of the articles were trying to find an excuse not to wear it when in fact they just didn't want to be labeled “taken.”  Why wouldn't someone want to be labeled taken?  It would seem the main reason was so they could get attention from the opposite sex in improper ways.  Oh there were some that said one of the reasons was because they just didn’t like jewelry, or the ring was uncomfortable.  I guess the ring is comfortable for those that do wear their ring, but after they have worn it long enough to get used to wearing it.  Let’s face it, that excuse doesn’t hold much water, because it’s a foreign object, of course it’s uncomfortable for anyone.  It’s not the comfort that the ring signifies, is it?  Isn’t it your love and devotion, your commitment, perhaps even the comfort of knowing you’ve found the ONE you want to and will spend the rest of your life with?

     If you weren’t through getting attention from someone of the opposite sex, what are you doing getting married anyway?  Are you truly being fair and truthful to yourself even?

     The heading says “Why I wear my wedding band,” and I definitely have a reason for it.  Actually I have many reasons for it.  I am very proud to be married to my wife, and am not ashamed to show I am by wearing the symbol she put on my finger the day she made her commitments to me, and I made mine to her.  I wear it because when I look down it makes me smile knowing we are together and a couple.  I wear it because when someone makes an inappropriate gesture, or suggestion to me I can always hold my hand up and point at the ring, proudly.  I wear my wedding band, not because it’s physically comfortable, but because it’s spiritually comfortable.  I don’t need to be reminded I’m married, I don’t need it for letting me know I have a commitment to a wonderful woman already.  I don’t wear it just because I love my wife, or I want to show her that her commitment to me truly does mean something to me.  I don’t wear it to impress anyone, I am very impressed by my wife and everything she stands for, everything she does.  Is she perfect?  Well, yes she is perfect for me.  They even have a term for those that don’t want to wear their wedding ring/band and it’s a bit insulting, although I’ve chosen not to take it personally, it’s NF which stands for Naked Finger.  I have a fully clothed finger, thank you very much, and it shall stay that way.

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  1. All about him..typical narcissist. I was his 18th wife. It seems to me he would have down wearing a wedding band by now...just from different wives! lol