Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little boy - Tribute to my little brother

He didn't know that one day he would lay his head in his little sister's lap and it would be all over.  He was just a happy little boy that if he could make you laugh, it was a good day for him.  When his dad would walk in the room, the fear made him lose control of his water, and sure enough it would find it's way down his pants, almost to the 4th grade.

He was always a happy boy that was never bored.  No matter where he was, or what was going on, he could find something to do.  His trade mark tongue hanging out the left side of his mouth started quite young, as you can see with the picture.  His eyes always showed there was deep thought behind them.  There was, but no one but he and God ever knew what that really was.  He wanted to please always, didn't want to leave a soul behind that was upset with him.

I will post stories from his childhood as I go along, to help all remember this little boy, and bring him always back to us, where he resides in our hearts.

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